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27 JUNE 2019

Vin & Société and KEDGE Business School launch  the first research and teaching Chair dedicated to responsible consumption

Vin & Société and KEDGE Business School launch
the first research and teaching Chair dedicated to responsible consumption

What are the ideal conditions to encourage the responsible consumption of wine in our societies? How can we encourage good behaviours to avoid the misuse of wine and the associated risks? These are the questions that the Research and Teaching Chair launched by Vin & Société and KEDGE Business School will aim to analyse together with the role of education and information on responsible wine consumption.

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Wine in moderation Activities
from around the world

Sogrape: new poster campaign

Sogrape adopts new Wine in Moderation message in company poster campaign

17 June 2019

Based on the updated Wine in Moderation Brand Strategy, Sogrape Vinhos has decided to renew its internal information on the moderate and responsible consumption of wine by adopting the new Wine in Moderation message: “CHOOSE, SHARE, CARE.”.
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Bodegas Abiertas 2019

Bodegas Abiertas: a new concept of sustainable wine tourism

June 2019

Bodegas Abiertas is back in 2019 for a new updated edition. Already strongly committed to responsible consumption with the “Designated Drivers”, the 40 participating wineries in Mendoza will also be collaborating with the Light Project for the first time since the programme was launched.
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ASOVINOS gives training in Shopping Centre

Trainings in Colombian Shopping Centre

18 June 2019

Following the successful launch of Wine in Moderation in Colombia last May, ASOVINOS has been very active in implementing the programme in the country and taking up action. A training was thus carried out in Viva Laureles, a local Shopping Centre linked to Grupo Éxito, one of ASOVINOS’ associates. Open to all, 40 active participants took part in the training and showed a profound interest in the topic, asking questions and expressing their appreciation for the information.
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Vinos de Chile event May 2019

Vinos de Chile and Bodegas de Argentina introduce their Wine in Moderation actions in common presentation

31 May 2019

Last 31st of May, Juan Carlos Pina and Patricio Parra joined forces for a common presentation on Wine in Moderation, with the aim to present their strong commitment to the initiative and its mission. The speakers, who respectively represent Bodegas de Argentina and Vinos de Chile, the national coordinators in both countries, introduced their actions to encourage responsible drinking and promote the Wine in Moderation message.
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2019 Porto Wine Fashion

Porto Fashion Week meets Wine in Moderation

23 May 2019

Last 23 May, AEVP welcomed the 2019 finalists of the Porto Fashion School in the occasion of the Port Wine Fashion.
The fashion show, which took place in the pedagogical Center of AEVP, was attended by 120 participants who also found more information on the Wine in Moderation Programme and the importance of enjoying wine in moderation and responsibly.
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UPCOming actions

Born to be Wine
Born to be Wine
01 July 2019

Three years after it was created, the Spanish Interprofessional Organisation of Wine (OIVE) organises an event on July 1st in Madrid, to look back at what has been achieved and at the same time assess the challenges of the future. Wine in Moderation President, George Sandeman, has also been invited to give the latest updates on the Wine in Moderation Programme. For more information on the programme and to register, visit the dedicated website.


These articles are based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the Wine Information Council web database.

J-shaped association between moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and colorectal cancer risk

This large meta-analysis found a J-shaped dose-response pattern between the association of consuming alcoholic beverages and the risk of colorectal cancer.
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Critical letters from scientists to the Lancet editor

In August 2018, the Global Burden of Disease Study (GBD) was published in the Lancet and made headlines claiming no safe level of alcohol intake exists. Now, 10 months later, the Lancet finally published the critical responses received from a number of renowned scientists who commented on the methodology and the incorrect conclusions drawn.
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Latest Scientific Research

Moderate wine intake may have beneficial effects on blood pressure of type 2 diabetics

A meta-analysis was carried out for randomized interventional trials which evaluated the effect of moderate wine intake on blood pressure (BP), glucose parameters and lipid profiles in T2DM patients. This meta-analysis showed that moderate wine consumption among type 2 diabetics could reduce the level of diastolic blood pressure and total cholesterol, but not glucose parameters and other cardiovascular risk factors.
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Patterns of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm among European university students

A study examined patterns of alcohol consumption and alcohol-related harm with a survey among 2.191 university students (age range 18-25) from Denmark, England, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Switzerland. Besides the demographic variables, the participants completed the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT).
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Adult-life binge drinking of alcoholic beverages appears to be associated with age-related cognitive decline

Cognitive decline is a common consequence of ageing. Alcohol consumption is a modifiable and plausible risk factor for age-related cognitive decline but more longitudinal studies investigating the association are needed. The researchers assessed the relationship of self-reported adult-life weekly alcohol consumption and weekly extreme binge drinking.
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Alcohol consumption and incident dementia in older Japanese adults

A study evaluated the association between the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption and incident dementia in 53,311 older Japanese adults over a long follow-up period. A health checkup questionnaire was used to assess the amount and frequency of alcohol consumption.
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Wine in Moderation
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