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06 JUNE 2019

Wine in Moderation week in Colombia with Asovinos 2019

Wine in Moderation in Colombia with ASOVINOS

Learn why a wine importing country like Colombia joined Wine in Moderation and how ASOVINOS is rapidly becoming one of the most active National Coordinators.

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Wine in moderation Activities
from around the world

Wine in Moderation discusses its future

The Wine in Moderation members discuss future of the Programme

27 - 28 May 2019

The Wine in Moderation members and partners gathered in Amsterdam, Netherlands, last 27 and 28 May 2019, to review the upcoming strategy about the future of the Wine in Moderation programme. Important discussions took place on how to best capitalise on the important number of actors associated with the programme and how to make a global impact.
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New Argentinian Wine in Moderation microsite 2019

Argentina: new national Wine in Moderation website and participation at the ALMAlbec food and wine festival

April - May 2019

2019 is yet another year for action in Argentina where numerous activities have already been organised and where a new Wine in Moderation website was recently released.
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Wine in Moderation at Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019

Wine in Moderation at Vinexpo Bordeaux 2019

14 May 2019

In the frame of its cooperation with Vinexpo, Wine in Moderation was invited to organise a debate around the topic “Wine in Moderation: caring about your customer is caring about your legacy”.
As more and more people value their health, the sustainability of the environment and of their communities, it is becoming increasingly important for companies to make a difference as people want to make choices that have a positive impact.

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Rendez-vous décryptage Vin et Société 16/04/2019

“Taste: between sharing and heritage” Vin & Société decodes the trends

16 April 2019

"Taste: between sharing and heritage - the pleasure of cooking, eating together, pleasures of wine", was the theme of the decoding meeting organized by Vin & Société on April 16, 2019 in Paris.
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These articles are based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the Wine Information Council web database.

DWA Symposium 2019

DWA symposium at Congress of Internal Medicine, Wiesbaden, Germany

06 May 2019

Does an evidence-based objective evaluation of the topic “wine and health” exist, especially regarding a subject such as cancer? The nutritionist Prof. Nicolai Worm and the cardiologist Prof. Markus Flesch chaired the DWA symposium and welcomed Dr. Lukas Schwingshackl (Institute of Evidence in Medicine and the Cochrane Foundation Germany at the University Hospital, Freiburg, Germany) and the physician of internal medicine and diabetes Prof. Kristian Rett (Amedes, Munich).
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International Wine and Health Summit 2019

The International Wine & Health Summit 2019

04 - 07 May 2019

This year, the International Wine & Health Summit took place on the UC Davis campus, United States, welcoming well-known scientists and physicians from around the world.
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Moderate red wine consumption may lower the risk of lethal prostate cancer

In an analysis from the Health Professionals Study, the researchers evaluated the association of alcohol consumption and the development of lethal prostate cancer in more than 45,000 study participants. The intake of alcoholic beverages was assessed before and after the diagnosis of prostate cancer. For those individuals who consumed alcoholic beverages prior to being diagnosed with prostate cancer, there was a small (16%) but significant reduction in the risk of lethal prostate cancer.
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Latest Scientific Research

Depression and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages

Light and moderate frequent consumption of alcoholic beverages was associated with the lowest risk of depression while hazardous alcohol intake was related to an increased risk of depression.

Gemes K et al, Moderate alcohol consumption and depression – a longitudinal population-based study in Sweden, Acta Psychiatr Scan 2019: 139: 526, https://doi:10.1111/acps.13034

Effect on liver enzymes depending on drinking pattern (with or without binge drinking)

The results emphasize possible adverse consequences of binge drinking on liver function; even in individuals with low-risk overall alcohol consumption, occasions of heavy drinking may lead to an extra burden to liver tissue and liver enzymes. They conclude that the pattern of drinking should be more systematically implicated in clinical recommendations.

Nivukoski U et al, Liver enzymes in alcohol consumers with or without binge drinking, Alcohol 78 (2019): 13,

Benefits of dietary polyphenols and their interaction with the microbiota

Polyphenols are found abundantly in fruits (also in grapes) and vegatables. Mounting evidence supports the cardiometabolic benefits of polyphenols and points to the intestinal microbiota as a key mediator of the health benefits of polyphenols. It seems clear now that polyphenols and resveratrol act primarily on the intestinal lumen (space within the intestine). Their health benefits possibly derive from a reshaping of the interplay between the gut/intestinal microbes and the human immune system and/or modification of the set of microbial metabolites bioavailable to the host (human).

Anhê FF et al, Host-Microbe interplay in the cardiometabolic benefits of dietary polyphenols, Trends in Endocrinology & Metabolism, 2019,

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