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07 FEBRUARY 2019

Pernod Ricard Responsible Party 2019

10 years of 'Responsible Parties'

400,000 students, 32 countries and more than 600 parties, these are the numbers that represent 10 years of “Responsible Parties”.

Pernod Ricard in partnership with the Erasmus Student Network have made it their goal to inform and educate students to adopt healthy drinking choices, by going from one student party to the next across Europe, distributing information about alcohol abuse, offering water and/or food, and helping them get a safe ride home whenever they needed it.

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Activities & NEWS

Vin et Société 2019

Vin & Société kicks off 2019 with new projects

January 2019

In 2019 Vin & Société steps up action and launches two innovative projects to promote the sensible appreciation of wine: one promoting a responsible wine tourism experience and the other encouraging young professionals to make their voices heard.

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Sabes ser Moderado reenlists for a second winter Special

December 2018

This Christmas season, citizens of the city of Porto in Portugal rediscovered the campaign “Sabes Ser Moderado”. Similarly to previous years, the campaign was developed around three areas of action: a Proximity Campaign, a Mobility Campaign and a Media Campaign diversifying their impact and reach; and aired between November 1st and December 31st, reaching 8 million impacts.

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The Future Role of Wine in Society - from Consumption to Cultural Heritage

19 February 2019

Next 19 February, the media outlet Euractiv in collaboration with Wine in Moderation will be organising the Forum “The Future Role of Wine in Society - from Consumption to Cultural Heritage”.

While Wine in Moderation celebrated 10 years of existence last year, it was only natural to come back where it all started, take stock of what has been achieved and look towards the future, evaluating the future role of wine and where Wine in Moderation could fit in the whole picture.

To register please contact Ms. Simona Ovesea.from Euractiv.


Based on the work developed by the Wine Information Council and the abstracts available on the website, these news articles will be built around key questions (What is this research? What does it mean? What is new? Etc.)

Discover our refreshed scientific section hereunder.

Wine and dementia


With the increasing ageing of populations around the world, cognitive impairment and dementia are expected to rise in future years. A new study on the intake of alcoholic beverages and the risk of cognitive impairment was published in January 2019. Learn more on the findings of this new study and read the commentary by WIC expert Dr. Creina Stockley.

This study explains why even a therapeutic dose of non-prescription drugs combined with a moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages can have a detrimental effect on the kidneys.

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Moli-sani study – new update : Moderate drinkers seem to be less often hospitalized….


What is the link between the moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages and hospitalization?
Find out about the latest findings of the Italian Moli-Sani study.

The CASCADE study is the first randomized wine study that specifically focuses on diabetes. Its latest findings show new results regarding the different effects of moderate consumption.

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2019 international wine and health conference - UC DAVIS
4 - 7 May 2019

For more information on the programme of the conference, visit the dedicated website.

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