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06 DECEMBER 2018

41 OIV Congress Uruguay

Shaping the future of wine in Uruguay

The 41st World Congress of Vine & Wine “Shaping the Future: Production and Market Challenges” came to a close last 23 November after five intensive days of presentations, sessions and discoveries. The Congress which took place in Punta del Este, Uruguay gathered more than 400 experts and officials from 40 countries and reflected on the waves of challenges and opportunities ahead, proposing innovative approaches on the way forward.

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Activities & NEWS

Maridaje 2018

First Wine in Moderation actions in Colombia

1 - 5 November 2018

ASOVINOS introduced Wine in Moderation at this year’s “Maridaje” festival, one of the greatest gastronomic festivals in Colombia.
Combining food and wine, the festival is always a highly anticipated time of the year for all gastronomy lovers thanks to the wide range of flavours and the knowledge spread around wine and other beverages.
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Intervitis 2018

Lower-alcohol wines taste inferior - false perception or reality ? Deutsche Weinakademie asked Intervitis fair visitors

04 - 06 November 2018

Do lower-alcohol wines "automatically" taste inferior?
How do representatives of the wine sector react to this topic?
Is this topic better avoided because it is assumed that a lower-alcohol wine cannot be tasty?
Maybe the answer is not the one you thought it would be.
During the 2018 Intervitis wine fair, the Deutsche Weinakademie (DWA) wanted to better understand how lower-alcohol wines are perceived and how they could fit "Wine in Moderation" in promoting responsible drinking.
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ACIBEV on stage for two new breathalyser tests initiatives

Autumn 2018

ACIBEV participated once again to two important consumer wine fairs in Lisbon offering free breathalyser tests to visitors at “Grandes Escolhas – Vinhos & Sabores” and “Encontro com o Vinho e Sabores” – as part of their Wine in Moderation activities.
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Pau Roca - new OIV Director

Pau Roca next Director General of the OIV

23 November 2018

Pau Roca was elected in the frame of the 16th General Assembly held in Punta del Este (Uruguay) and becomes the 10th Director General of the International Organisation of Vine and Wine (OIV) succeeding to Jean Marie Aurand as from January 1st, 2019.
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Wine in Moderation website now available in Lithuanian
November 2018

Already available in 11 languages, the Wine in Moderation website has now also been translated to Lithuanian, bringing it to a total of 12 languages
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Brazil joins Wine in Moderation

Wine in Moderation confirms position in South America by welcoming Brazil

20 November 2018

Ibravin joins Wine in Moderation and reinforces South America’s strong commitment to social responsibility with an increasing presence on the continent.
Brazil is the fifth country from South America to join Wine in Moderation making Ibravin the Wine in Moderation programme contact point in the country, responsible for launching and implementing the programme, coordinating the activities at national level and accounting their actions.
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UNWTO welcomes Wine in Moderation

The United Nations World Tourism Organisation welcomes Wine in Moderation

12 November 2018

WiM Association joins the United Nations World Tourism Organisation Affiliate membership programme and confirms strong engagement in the sustainable development of wine tourism.
The World Tourism Organisation, more commonly known as UNWTO, is the United Nations agency responsible for the promotion of responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism and is the leading international organisation in the field of tourism, committed to promoting tourism as an instrument in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
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Debate around J-curve and mortality risk - Scientists continue to criticize Lancet articles

November 2018

Over the last decades, observational studies have shown that individuals who abstain entirely from the consumption of alcoholic beverages might be worse off than moderate drinkers. Several recent studies have tried to discredit this J-shaped relationship between drinking and all-cause mortality, pointing to a ‘no-safe level’ of drinking.
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Moderate wine consumption identified as one of the protective components in the Mediterranean Diet

November 2018

This meta-analysis examined the Mediterranean diet (MedDiet) of all published prospective studies, evaluated the relative contribution of individual components of this diet and how they relate to longevity or all-cause mortality. The results confirm an inverse association of the MedDiet and mortality, meaning that those individuals adhering the most to a MedDiet lived longer. When it comes to the individual components of the MedDiet, one of the major protective factors was moderate, non-excessive intake of alcoholic beverages –mostly in the form of wine.
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Other scientific articles
November 2018

Wine in Moderation
in the press

November 2018


Brazil - NEW Wine in Moderation Member









Partnerships for good! Empowering European students for a responsible, united and convivial Europe,
Brussels, Belgium
March ProWein 2019
Düsseldorf, Germany
30 17-19
The Future Role of Wine in Society - From Consumption to Cultural Heritage,
Brussels, Belgium
Vinexpo 2019
Bordeaux, France
19 13-16

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