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07 NOVEMBER 2018

Wine in Moderation celebrates 10 years

Celebrating 10 years, looking forwards

The people embracing a culture of moderation and sustainability in the wine business came together to celebrate Wine in Moderation’s 10th anniversary, share best practices and plan the future.

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Wine & Law students discuss CyberWine issues with Wine in Moderation

18 October 2018

It is in the frame of the 8th Fall School on Wine Law that Wine in Moderation was invited to participate in a round table discussion that took place on 18 October in Reims, Champagne. With this year’s Wine Law Program focusing on "Cyber Wine: Legal Issues for the Wine & Spirits Sector in the Digital Era", the round table concentrated on discussing “CyberWine issues with Wine in Moderation”, assessing the challenges of the digital era and their link to CSR programmes such as Wine in Moderation.
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Wim continues his online campaign

October 2018

When browsing Facebook in The Netherlands, you might come across Wim. But who is he? This friendly character is the face of the Wine in Moderation Programme and has been providing simple tips and tricks to wine consumers since he came to life in 2015. With the aim of reaching more consumers, an online campaign was launched in August and will be running until January 2019. The Wim tips can be seen in the usual way, but they will also respond to current events or a specific time of the year such as “Movember”, “Santa Claus”, “New Year's Eve” and of course “Dry January”.
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ACIBEV launches new large-scale Wine in Moderation campaign on TV and cinemas

October - December 2018

A new social responsibility campaign calling for a responsible and moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages is airing in Portugal. This year, the new spot will be broadcasted on two different media channels: cinemas and television. From 11 to 24 October and from 22 November to 5 December, the 30" spot will be aired in over 46 NOS cinema complexes or 290 screens all over Portugal, and is estimated to reach a total of 41 020 views.
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Armenian wines get a glimpse of Wine in Moderation

October - December 2018

A delegation from the Vine & Wine Foundation of Armenia (VWFA), visited Spain last week to learn more about the Spanish wine sector, its associative structure, its work priorities and Wine in Moderation.
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October 2018

The current study aimed to determine whether the amount, the drinking pattern or the type of alcoholic beverage had an impact on liver fibrosis in patients with Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD). The results showed that moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages, in particular wine in a non-binge drinking pattern, is associated with a decreased risk of advanced liver damage in patients with NAFLD.
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Other scientific articles
October 2018


41st World Congress of Vine and Wine,
Punta del Este, Uruguay

February The Future Role of Wine in Society - From Consumption to Cultural Heritage,
Brussels, Belgium
19-23 13
General Assembly OIV,
Punta del Este, Uruguay
ProWein 2019
Düsseldorf, Germany
23 17-19

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