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31 JULY 2018

Porto Wine Brotherhood induces Wine in Moderation

Porto Wine Brotherhood induces Wine in Moderation

To mark the celebration of its 10 years anniversary, the Confraria do Vinho do Porto (Port Wine Brotherhood) inducted Wine in Moderation into the Confraria, in the rank of Infanção.

According to the Brotherhood, Infanções “are all relevant personalities or institutions who made a significant contribution to the promotion, prestige and dignity of Port Wine or who deserve to be distinguished with this rank due to their personal prestige or top-ranking positions”. It is therefore a tribute and recognition to the important work achieved by Wine in Moderation in the last 10 years, also marking the long-standing commitment of the Porto Brotherhood to the Wine in Moderation programme.

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Vin & Société presents its Plan de Prévention

Vin & Société presents new Prevention Plan

03 July 2018

Beginning of July marked an important step for Vin & Société which presented to President Macron its new “Prevention Plan”, the sector’s contribution to the National Public Health Plan. The “Prevention Plan” aims to reinforce the already existing strong commitments in place to inform and educate populations at risk such as pregnant women, minors and young adults; but also, to encourage a responsible consumption of wine.
An event organised last 3rd of July in Paris, was the perfect opportunity to present this new “Prevention Plan” and open the discussion.
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Sogrape Vinhos' WiM week 2018

Sogrape Vinhos’ annual WiM week: 10 Years for a Healthy Lifestyle!

04-08 June 2018

Between the 4th and the 8th of June, Sogrape Vinhos held the 6th edition of its internal event “Let’s take measure of life” week, as part of the Wine in Moderation programme, and the company’s commitment to the National Alcohol and Health Forum. This event plays an important role in raising awareness about responsible consumption of wine and alcohol and draws the staff’s attention on the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity, while providing them actual lifestyle experiences.
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Munskänkarna welcomes Wine in Moderation in Sweden

28-29 June 2018

It was in the occasion of the WiM Spring meetings, that Wine in Moderation members gathered in Sweden to discuss the challenges lying ahead and hold its biannual general assembly. Invited by the Swedish National Coordinator, Munskänkarna, the WiM members had the opportunity to learn more about the various great activities developed by the Swedish consumer wine club (education, communication, etc.) but also to get to know the local actors.
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Friends of Glass launches new campaign inviting Consumers to #CheersToTheOcean

July 2018

The last couple of months have seen an increasing number of campaigns rise on the topic of ocean littering and consumers have shown genuine interest on this important topic. Big brands such as Pernod Ricard have made commitments to reduce their impact on nature by removing non-biodegradable straws and stirrers across their businesses, and companies emerge with the aim of making a difference.
Following its successful campaigns, “Map your Taste”, “Pass the Bottle Campaign” and the more recent “Endless Lives of Glass”; the European Container Glass Federation has decided to join the movement as well and recently launched its new campaign #CheersToTheOcean.
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In the

Cancer Risk Claims: 'Take No Notice' unless something is proven to be 'Dangerous Rather Than Simply Frightening,'
says Cambridge Professor

Read more about cancer risk claims in the follwing article that was published in Newsweek: "Cancer Risk Claims: 'Take No Notice' unless something is proven to be 'Dangerous Rather Than Simply Frightening,' says Cambridge Professor"


Five lifestyle factors for a longer life: moderate wine consumption is one of them

July 2018

Which measurable influence does a healthy lifestyle have of American adults? And which factors are part of a healthy lifestyle? These are the questions that Harvard researchers examined by using the enormous amount of data about the associations between different lifestyle factors and causes of mortality from two big observational studies that have already been running for the last three decades: 800,000 participants in the Nurses’ Health Study and 45,000 men in the Health Professionals Follow-Up study.
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Other scientific articles
July 2018


3rd UNWTO Global Conference on Wine Tourism
Republic of Moldova
November Wine in Moderation event,
Brussels, Belgium
06-07 13
Wine in Moderation Workshop,
Reims, France
41st World Congress of Vine and Wine
Punta del Este, Uruguay
16-18 19-23

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