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04 JULY 2018

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Wine in Moderation: 10 years and growing

Through its 10 years of existence, Wine in Moderation has endlessly grown first through Europe, then the world, and is now welcoming a variety of actors from the wine sector motivated to make a difference and encourage the moderate consumption of wine.

Always looking to continue its progression, Wine in Moderation keeps expanding in South America; has renewed its long-standing relation with Copa and Cogeca and has opened the programme to a new type of partnership, joining forces with the academic world.

Asovinos joins Wine in Moderation

Wine in Moderation continues expansion in South America and welcomes Colombia

03 July 2018

The Colombian association, ASOVINOS, joins Wine in Moderation confirming the position of the responsible movement on the South American continent and strengthening the reach of the message in the region.
Colombia becomes the fourth country from South America to join Wine in Moderation which will count on ASOVINOS to be the national contact point of the programme in the country and who will be responsible for the planning, coordination and accountability of Wine in Moderation in Colombia.
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Wine & Law Program joins Wine in Moderation

Academics join Wine in Moderation: a new kind of partnership

03 July 2018

The Wine & Law Program joins Wine in Moderation and becomes the first academic entity to join WiM association as an Observer.
Hosted by the University of Reims and located in the heart of Champagne, the University of Reims Law School aims to enhance the legal study and research of wine law and will thus be looking to contribute to the important work carried out by Wine in Moderation by advising on the protection of the Wine in Moderation trademark, but also by discussing the issues related to digital consumer information on wine, health and low risk patterns of consumption.
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Copa and Cogeca & Wine in Moderation Copa and Cogeca committed to responsible drinking and a sustainable wine culture
31 May 2018

Copa and Cogeca re-affirmed in Brussels today their commitment to ensuring a sustainable wine culture, governed by responsible drinking, and renewed its participation in the Wine in Moderation programme.
Copa and Cogeca Secretary-General Pekka Pesonen said “I welcome the 10 year anniversary of this successful campaign which aims to help consumers make responsible choices compatible with a healthy lifestyle. It is clear that wine can only be truly appreciated in moderation”.

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Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura & Wine in Moderation Wine in Moderation further expands in South America by welcoming Uruguay
09 May 2018

Uruguay becomes the third country from South America to join the Wine in Moderation programme strengthening the reach of the moderation message on the American continent. By joining WiM Association, Instituto Nacional de Vitivinicultura (INAVI) thus becomes the national contact point of the programme and will be responsible for the planning, coordination and accountability of Wine in Moderation in Uruguay.
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Institute of Masters of Wine 2018 Symposium

Breathylising Masters of Wine

14-17 April 2018

Master of Wine is one of the highest distinction in wine business, a title that is attributed only to those few with an excellent knowledge of wine, its market and culture. Held every four years, this year’s Institute of Masters of Wine Symposium “Living Wine” gathered a rich variety of international speakers and over 100 Masters of Wine.
The Symposium which lasted four days, ended on 17 June with a tasting of Spanish wines which was preceded by one of Wine in Moderation’s most popular activities: the breathalyser tests.
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Vinexpo Hong Kong & Wine in Moderation Wine in Moderation at Vinexpo Hong Kong
29-31 May 2018

It is in the frame of Vinexpo Hong Kong, that Vinexpo launched its first Wine in Moderation action. With the aim of raising knowledge on wine, health and responsible drinking while also raising the significance of social responsibility in the alcoholic beverage industry, Vinexpo Hong Kong distributed Wine in Moderation postcards. The postcards were delivered in the expo and the Vinexpo partners site and embodied the Wine in Moderation message in English and Chinese.
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Vyno Dienos 2018 Vyno Dienos embraces Wine in Moderation
17 April 2018

The famous Lithuanian wine expo, which took place last May, welcomed over 4000 visitors in 2 days and included references to the moderate and responsible consumption of wine for the very first time.
Considered one of the largest wine expos in the Baltic countries, Vynos Dienos is a reference in the region reaching a large number of professionals and consumers. As such, it also bears an important responsibility to encourage the moderate and responsible consumption of wine and has fully embraced the message in this 14th edition.
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Wine Hackaton & Wine in Moderation

Are wine hackatons compatible with moderation?

April 2018

Last May, bloggers, journalists, influencers and wine enthusiasts all joined the cultural city of Konex in Buenos Aires to live a new communication experience uniting the virtual and the real world. The #WineHackaton joined forces with #EnjoyMalbec with the aim of making wine tasting a trending topic on social media, through comments and photos, communicating to a wider wine community in Argentina. Wine in Moderation was also part of the adventure accompanying the event with the responsible message.
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Wine in Moderation - a protected trade mark
Wine in Moderation logo: a protected trademark
May 2018

Wine in Moderation is a unique initiative that is looking to foster the social responsibility efforts of the wine business and multiply the impact of their efforts by providing a common reference. Its members and supporters are committed to its values and principles that enable Wine in Moderation to be recognised as an international and credible brand, synonymous with social responsibility and sustainability.
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Wine in Moderation & GDPR

GDPR: Wine in Moderation updates

25 May 2018

As you may know, 25 May 2018 marked the entry into force of the General Data Protection Regulation (EU) 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regards to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data.

In this context, WiM Association has taken steps to ensure its compliance with this new regulation in the way it handles, stores, processes and shares the personal information of all data subjects involved directly or indirectly in the Wine in Moderation programme.

WiM Association has therefore updated the online Privacy Policy which outlines the way we collect, use and store personal data also providing additional information on our cookies policy, to view our Privacy Policy please click here.
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In the

Are moderates an endagered species ?

Read more about moderation in politics and philosophy in the follwing article that was published in the digital magazine AEON: "Moderation may be the most challenging and rewarding virtue"


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