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18 MAY 2018

Wine in Moderation at IWINETC

What we learned and what can we do for responsible and sustainable wine tourism experience

Held in sunny Budapest next to Danube river, the 10th Annual International Wine Tourism Conference, Exhibition & Workshop (IWINETC) gathered more than 300 professionals from 29 countries around the world. Surprisingly, the audience of the conference was not made up of wine makers but tourism professionals. Nonetheless, this might not come as a surprise to those who follow the growing demand of tourists who are longing to explore wine regions and experience wine and its culture.

Many leading thinkers among whom Felicity Carter, Robin Shaw, Judith Lewis, shared their experience, their perception about the wine tourism market and presented good practices. WiM Association, the international coordinator of the Wine in Moderation programme, actively participated in this discussion. It was an opportunity both to learn from others, but also to present the good practices developed across the globe in the frame of the programme over the last 10 years.




Munskänkarna’s “Wine City of the Year”

An interview of Lena Ståhl, president of Munskänkarna

Every year, the Swedish wine club, Munskänkarna elects the wine city of the year, selected based on a number of criteria, among which vicinity, quality and innovation.
We have asked, Lena Ståhl, president of Munskänkarna, to give us more details on this annual award ceremony.
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Sunset with Wine

“Sunset with wine”: ACIBEV opens Spring Season

10 April 2018

This Spring rhymes with new activities for ACIBEV that recently launched the “Sunsets with Wine”. On 10 April, journalists and bloggers were invited by ACIBEV to attend an event dedicated to the Portuguese sparkling wines. George Sandeman, President of ACIBEV, and Ana Isabel Alves, Secretary General of the association, welcomed the guests who were taken through a sparkling wine tasting, guided by Vasco Penha Garcia, Bacalhôa’s Oenology coordinator.
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Wine in Moderation at Essencia do Vinho 2018 Sogrape Vinhos repeats breathalyser tests at Essência do Vinho
22-25 February 2018

Sogrape Vinhos was on stage once again offering free breathalyser tests to visitors in the occasion of the 15th edition of one of Portugal’s leading consumer wine fairs “Essência do Vinho”. With the aim to promote the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre programme and to raise awareness about the risks of drinking and driving, Sogrape Vinhos carried out 1180 breathalyser tests, which revealed values between 0 and 4.0 g/l.
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Semana del Malbec 2018 “Semana del Malbec” endorses the responsible consumption of wine
16 - 22 April 2018

The “Semana del Malbec” that took place mid-April, was yet another occasion for Bodegas de Argentina to showcase the Wine in Moderation message in the frame of an event largely attended by Argentinean wine consumers.
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FIVS & Wine in Moderation Partnership FIVS and Wine in Moderation: a new Partnership
17 April 2018

On 17 April, FIVS signed an MOU with WiM at the Brussels Warwick Hotel during the concluding reception of FIVS’s 2018 Global Trade Policy Conference. FIVS thus formalised its long-standing cooperation with the WiM association and became a Wine in Moderation Associated Partner. Over the past several years, both international associations have worked collaboratively to advance the wine sector’s sustainability goals. These efforts have included promoting the development of alcohol beverage social responsibility programmes around the world.
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News on

Congress of Internal Medecine - Mannheim, Germany

DWA symposium at the German Congress of Internal Medicine - Wine and cancer risk

14-17 April 2018

The topic “Alcoholic beverages/wine and cancer risk” was at the centre of the DWA Symposium which took place in Mannheim, Germany, last April. The symposium is organised every year in parallel with the Congress of Internal Medicine to present and discuss key topics on wine and health. Mostly physicians of internal medicine attended the Congress and the symposium; part of the symposium will also be available as an e-learning tool of continuing education for those physicians who could not attend.
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Congress of Internal Medecine - Mannheim, Germany

Media and scientific evidence, what about moderation?

April 2018

In April, a meta-analysis “Risk thresholds for alcohol consumption: combined analysis of individual-participant data for 599 912 current drinkers in 83 prospective studies” with more than 100 authors, among them many renowned scientists, was published in the well-known journal The Lancet.
Examining the original data more carefully (including those in the supplementary appendix of the study), the J-shaped risk curve and thus, the health benefits of light to moderate (wine) drinking were confirmed. Furthermore, the importance of drinking patterns (i.e., moderately with the meals versus binge drinking) was emphasized.
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London Wine Fair
Olympia, London
London, United Kingdom
Institute of Masters of Wine "Living Wine" 9th International Symposium
Logroño, Spain
21-23 14-17
Vinexpo Hong Kong
Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Hong Kong
Wine in Moderation Steering Committee,
Stockholm, Sweden
29-31 28-29

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