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The Mediterranean Diet Foundation

The Mediterranean Diet Foundation (hereby after “FDM”) is a non-profit organization created in 1996 to generate cooperation between public and private sector among enterprises and public institutions. It works for the enhancement of the values of the Mediterranean Diet as a healthy, socially viable and respectable lifestyle with the environment and for the cooperation with other institutions, research centers and universities, business organisations, entities and enterprises of the national or international scene.

With its activity, the FDM contributes to the safeguarding of the ancient heritage common to the Mediterranean populations whose lifestyles and habits from farming practices, cooking, nutrition and regularly practiced physical activity have attracted interest from eminent scientists around the world in recent decades for its contribution to the prevention of many diseases.

The FDM promotes research on the Mediterranean Diet in relation to its healthy, historical, cultural, culinary, agricultural and environmentally friendly aspects; and disseminates the results of studies and promotes the Mediterranean Diet among different population groups.


Johann Sebastian Bach, 28

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