The Munskänkarna is the largest non-profit association for wine education and wine tasting in the world, with more than 25 300 members. It counts local associations in 170 cities and villages, mostly in Sweden, but also in cities around the world; Barcelona, Brussels, Gran Canarias, Côte d´Azur, Costa del Sol, Mallorca, Provence and Tokyo. All together Munskänkarna has 1 500 wine tastings, with about 65 925 participants every year, and 450 courses, with 5 000 participants.


Hammarby Fabriksväg 23

120 30 Stockholm


From 28/06/2018 to 29/06/2018
Munskänkarna welcomes Wine in Moderation in Sweden
Location: Stockholm, Sweden
It was in the occasion of the WiM Spring meetings, that Wine in Moderation members gathered in Sweden to discuss the challenges lying ahead and hold its biannual general assembly. Invited by the Swedish National Coordinator, Munskänkarna, the WiM members had the opportunity to learn more about the various great activities developed by the Swedish [...]
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