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Vinos de Chile

The Vinos de Chile trade organisation was founded in April 2007 to unite the Chilean wine industry by joining the two previously existing organisations, Viñas de Chile and ChiledVid. Wines of Chile is the international branch of Vinos de Chile.

Vinos de Chile was created with the following goals:

  • Strengthen and expand the Chilean wine industry by participating in analysing and drafting governmental policies on development, promotion, free trade agreements, and regulations. Promote Chilean wine at home and abroad.
  • Promote and communicate research and development on new technologies and processes throughout the entire industry chain.
  • Provide a point of interaction for the members and orient them in the different aspects of the business without affecting their own identities.
  • Improve the skills of the industry’s work force through training and social benefits for industry employees.

Vinos de Chile

Alonso de Córdova 5151, Oficina 1202,
Las Condes, Santiago de Chile
From 26/08/2014 to 26/08/2014
Vinos de Chile organises seminar on Social Responsibility with high representatives of Chilean authorities
Location: Santiago
To launch the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Programme in Chile and in the frame of the Research & Development (R&D) Consortium, Vinos de Chile organised a seminar “Sustainability in the wine industry: from the vineyard to the consumer”, on 26 August. This seminar, which welcomed over 120 professionals and experts, aimed at presenting [...]
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