ACIBEV -“Associação de Vinhos e Espirituosas de Portugal” is a national non-profit organisation, which was established in Portugal in January 1975, who represents the wine, spirits, vinegars and wines derivatives sector and trade in Portugal. ACIBEV counts 89 Members who currently represents a significant part of the turnover of this sector, among which are the most of national companies operating in Portugal, the largest national exporters of Portugal and most of the leading companies in the production of wines from the various demarcated regions of Portugal.

Associação dos Comerciantes e Industriais de Bebidas Espirituosas e Vinhos

Largo do Carmo, 15, 1ºAndar, 1200-092 Lisbon, Portugal

T: +351 213 462 318
F: +351 213 427 517

From 23/02/2017 to 26/02/2017
ACIBEV promotes Responsible Service & Moderation in Porto
Location: Porto, Portugal
From the 23rd to the 26th of February, ACIBEV took part in one of Portugal’s leading consumer wine fair in Porto: “Essência do Vinho”. With the aim of reaching both consumers and professionals, ACIBEV organised two separate activities destined at the two publics. Seeking to educate professionals and raise awareness about the responsibility [...]
From 27/04/2016 to 27/04/2016
Portugal strengthens its activities towards professional education
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
In the frame of the training programme “Responsible service creates Sustainable Business”, ACIBEV organised a training action on 27 April in Lisbon. Aimed at professionals, the training was attended by Members of the Portuguese association together with ViniPortugal and the Bartenders Association of Lisbon. The training programme reviewed topi [...]
From 10/03/2016 to 30/03/2016
Cinema Campaign “WINE IN MODERATION 2016”
Location: Portugal
During the Easter break, ACIBEV will be replicating the cinema campaign "Wine in Moderation 2016" that was launched during the winter holidays.The 30-seconds campaign "Wine in Moderation 2016" which will be aired in over 45 NOS Cinema Complex or 259 screens distributed all over Portugal between 10 and 30 March 2016, and is estimated to reach a tota [...]
From 18/06/2014 to 18/06/2014
WIM common message presented at a Wine & Health Seminar in Portugal
Location: Barcelos, Portugal
ACIBEV was invited to present the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre message at the “Wine & Health” Seminar organised by the Tourist Office of the historic Town of Barcelos in the Vinhos Verdes region. The Seminar was open to the general public, professionals and winemakers and the panel was made up of a number of inspirational speakers: Prof [...]
From 13/11/2013 to 13/11/2013
WIM & APHORT Responsible Service Protocol
Location: Lisbon, Portugal
4th WIM Conference - Lisbon  - November 13 At the conclusion of the 4th WIM Conference, organized by ACIBEV,  a protocol to develop a responsible service program for HORECA was signed between WIM (represented by ACIBEV) and APHORT (member of HOTREC). The Conference was opened by the Portuguese Secretary of State for Agriculture, and was partici [...]
From 11/07/2013 to 11/07/2013
Partner Education
Location: Santarem, Portugal
A WIM partnership, organised by the Wines of TEJO Commission and the PSP (Public Security Police), with a WIM presentation, wine tasting and Breathalyzer tests. With the participation of the National Coordinator of the PSP, this marked the beginning of a partnership which will aim to educate school children with the PSP’s “Safe School” prog [...]
From 01/04/2012 to 30/04/2012
Portuguese WIM Campaign (Phase 2)
Location: Nationwide
2nd Wave of actions was led by ACIBEV. During the period running from 15 December to 29 December 2011, the 30-seconds spot of the campaign “Wine in Moderation”, was broadcasted 108 times on prime time on national and cable TV (RTP1, RTP2, SIC, SIC Noticias and SICMulher). This impactful action was repeated in 2012 during the Christmas Holidays [...]
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