Wine in Moderation takes one step further in Greece

01 March 2016 - 01 January 1970


On the occasion of a tasting of Greek wines organised by the Greek Embassy of Brussels and New Wines of Greece, the Greek wine sector though EDOAO takes one step further with the WIM Association and the message of responsible consumption.

01/03/16, Brussels A tasting dedicated to Greek wines

Wine is an agricultural and traditional product that has accompanied the culinary and cultural history of Greece for thousands of years. The Greek Embassy and EDOAO organised a tasting to present fine Greek wines to the Belgian market. With 2 masterclasses and a “Walk Around Tasting”, it was a unique opportunity for Belgian wine experts and consumers to discover the large variety of Greek wines as well as their history, characteristics and attributes.

Moderation has always been a part of the Greek Wine culture, and the tasting gave the opportunity to illustrate this well embedded value, through the Wine in Moderation message. The walk around tasting was accompanied by water and Greek delicacies. Wine in Moderation leaflets were disseminated, providing the visitor the opportunity to enjoy in moderation and learn about responsible and moderate consumption of wine.

Wine in Moderation in Greece

The National Inter-professional Organisation of Vine and Wine (EDOAO) is the collective representative body of the Greek wine sector. Established in 2000, EDOAO represents Greek winemakers and winegrowers and has also been responsible for planning and executing marketing activities for the promotion of New Wines of Greece.

EDOAO was actively involved in the Wine in Moderation programme during the first commitment period 2008-2010 of the programme. At that time successful activities had already been launched in collaboration with the Greek Ministry of Health and followed up with sectorial associations of related branches (oenologists, sommeliers, etc.).

With EDOAO now renewing its interest in Wine in Moderation, the Greek association could indeed soon become member of the WIM Association and the 13th WIM National Coordinator, further expanding the activities and reach of the Programme.

Canva of photos from the event

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