Wine in Moderation spreads positive messages during quarantine

07 April 2020 - 12 May 2020
Location: Worldwide
Organizer: WiM Association


With the Coronavirus impacting lives worldwide and people responsibly staying at home during lockdown, Wine in Moderation launched a social media campaign to share its core message during those difficult times. The campaign ‘’Cheers! Tips to enjoy a glass of wine while keeping safe‘’ embraced the Wine in Moderation tagline with posts encouraging to Choose when and how we drink our wine, Share wine with our loved ones (even online), with our meals and with water, and taking Care to drink moderately, while following safety measures.

The campaign resulted in specific Instagram and Twitter posts providing tips on the importance of preventing alcohol abuse in this particular period; wine & food pairings, movies, books, hobby suggestions; happy responsible messages during lockdown around the world; recipes with / without wine; available free online wine courses, etc.

“Cheers! Tips to enjoy a glass of wine while keeping safe” helped Wine in Moderation to continue spreading positivity even during this difficult period and inspired our followers to take advantage of this time to learn more about a sustainable culture of wine and a responsible and moderate consumption of wine.

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