Wine in Moderation logo: a protected trademark

01 June 2018 - 01 January 1970


Wine in Moderation is a unique initiative that is looking to foster the social responsibility efforts of the wine business and multiply the impact of their efforts by providing a common reference. Its members and supporters are committed to its values and principles that enable Wine in Moderation to be recognised as an international and credible brand, synonymous with social responsibility and sustainability.

To protect the credibility and significance of the programme, WiM Association, owner of the Wine in Moderation Trademark (WIM TM), has officially registered, watched and protected the WIM TM and authorised its use with the support of the national coordinator.

Following the registration of the WIM TM 10 years ago, WiM Association has renewed the Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre registration as European Trademark for 10 more years. It has also registered the Portuguese variation of the logo “Vinho com Moderacao – Art de Vivre” as European Trademark.

Today, the Wine in Moderation logo is not only registered in the European Union, the latest addition being the Portuguese version of the logo (protected in Portugal), but is also recorded in Argentina, Chile and Brazil.

If you would like to join Wine in Moderation, become a WiM Supporter and be authorised the use of the Wine in Moderation logo. Learn more on our website www.wineinmoderation.com and register online

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