Wine in Moderation in Lithuania on a roll

04 October 2018 - 01 January 1970


Since it joined Wine in Moderation in December 2017, the Sommelier School of Lithuania (SSL) has been gradually launching initiatives and developing Wine in Moderation actions in the country.

Wine in Moderation Ambassadors in Lithuania

Aiming to reach both professionals and consumers, the Sommelier School approached the Sommeliers from the TOP 20 Lithuanian restaurants in the occasion of the 2018 Baltic Wine List, introducing them to Wine in Moderation and explaining their goals in the national context. But most importantly, the Sommeliers were invited to take an active role by becoming Wine in Moderation ambassadors and further informing consumers on the best way to enjoy a glass of wine.

What about communication?

In parallel, the Sommelier School has been working hard on developing Wine in Moderation material in Lithuanian, increasing its communication reach. Wine bottles of the premium wine house/shop “Vyno klubas”, have started to bear additional labels with the Wine in Moderation logo and information on Standard Alcohol Units, providing information about the moderate consumption of wine and safe levels of drinking.

The Wine in Moderation website was also recently translated to Lithuanian bringing the message of moderation closer to consumers.

Responsible tastings

Since introducing information on responsible tasting in the famous wine expo Vyno Dienos last May, the Sommelier School has made it a must in all its events. The Lithuanian winemakers’ and grape growers’ evening which took place on September 12th was no exception. Marking the beginning of the academic year, students and wine experts gathered to taste Lithuanian wines and discuss the future of winemaking there. Guests were encouraged to taste wine moderately and to learn about responsible wine drinking.

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