Wine in Moderation: a must for ProWein visitors?

18 March 2019 - 01 January 1970


ProWein closed its doors after three intense days, welcoming an ever-increasing number of visitors. 61,500 guests of the wider wine sector, among which retail, HORECA, etc. made the trip, while 6,900 exhibitors represented 64 nations. As last year, Wine in Moderation was one of the exhibitors.

The Wine in Moderation booth, led by the Deutsche Weinakademie, was located at the Northern Entrance of the fair, and invited the trade fair visitors to test their Breath Alcohol Concentration informing them about the dangers of drink driving. 500 alcohol tests were done with a digital breathalizer while 850 disposable breathalizers were handed out.

Numerous visitors who had already passed by the booth in the 2018 edition, returned this year, making it a must during their ProWein experience. It was also interesting to see that some of this year's guests came by the booth several times to test their Breath Alcohol Level, showing an interest to evaluate how they personally metabolise wine.

Flyers with the average percentage of alcohol in the blood stream according to a person’s weight were handed out while the team of facilitators also informed visitors about Wine in Moderation, how to join the programme and why it is important, inviting them to take action.

In the frame of its collaboration with ProWein, Wine in Moderation was also present at the Info-Points of the international trade fair, with advertisements on the digital information screens and printed flyers providing information on the programme, who we are and what we offer.

Similarly to last year, information about the moderate and responsible consumption of wine, was also found at the National pavilions and wine companies’ booths to further promote the message and the vision of the programme for a sustainable wine culture that inspires well-being and healthy lifestyles. The Dutch character Wim even made an appearance.

With almost 7000 exhibitors from 64 countries and over 61,000 trade visitors from 146 nations around the world, ProWein was an excellent opportunity to engage with existing and new members and supporters; and exchange thoughts with key actors of the wine sector.

Wine in Moderation at ProWein 2019

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