Wine culture session at the Digital Wine Communications Conference

31 October 2014 - 02 November 2014
Location: Montreux, Switzerland
Organizer: WiM Association

Country: Switzerland

30/10/14, Montreux, Switzerland – WIM Aisbl partnered with the Digital Wine Communication conference (DWCC) for its 7th edition to reveal the importance of wine culture in today’s wine communication.


This year’s theme “Wine in Context” brought together 315 wine professionals and wine lovers of all backgrounds from 37 countries among whom leading wine opinion leaders and wine writers. Asked to foster the debate about wine culture in context, WIM Aisbl encouraged wine communicators to place wine culture in the core of their communication as a route to larger audience, promoting new ways to talk about wine and moderate drinking. Wine is in fact more than just another alcoholic beverage; it is a cornerstone to cultures and should therefore be communicated and presented as such. Travel blogger, Sally O’Brien and SEO expert Judith Lewis joined the debate to further support the discussion and presented examples of how to build links and place wine into context.


George Sandeman, President of WIM Aisbl, and Arnaud Terrisson (representing Vin et Societe, Member of WIM Aisbl) participated in the session “Ethics and the Professional Communicator” to present the values of self-regulation and the Wine Communication Standards (WCS) versus regulation.


The DWCC was a great opportunity to test the WIM message with influential wine professionals of different backgrounds and one thing is clear, we have to act and safeguard the culture of wine.


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