WiM Workshop: second edition focuses on communication & sector self-regulation

14 February 2017 - 14 February 2017
Location: Madrid, Spain


On the 14th of February, key actors of the Wine in Moderation programme, actors involved in social responsibility and self-regulation, gathered in Madrid to discuss how to best encourage moderation and responsibility to the society.

Vibrant and fruitful discussions revealed the challenges of todays’ media and communication environment. The exchange of wine in moderation good practices developed by the different programmes actors presented innovative approaches to promote responsibility and moderation in wine consumption as a cultural and social norm, with a view to preventing and reducing alcohol abuse and related harm.

Raising awareness and knowledge on drinking patterns compatible with a healthy lifestyle and inspiring well-being is indeed one of the main missions of the Wine in Moderation programme. By urging moderation and responsibility in wine consumption, the wine sector helps prevent alcohol abuse and misuse by enabling wine consumers to make responsible and informed decisions to support a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

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