WIM presented to German university students

07 November 2014 - 07 November 2014
Location: Cologne, Germany
Organizer: Deutsche Weinakademie GmbH-DWA

Country: Germany

Last November, a special event was organised at the University of Cologne by the Students’ organisation and the Forum of Young Chemists. This event entitled “Perspectives – a tandem experiment” offered the possibility to have two separate perspectives on one topic. Wine, one of the five topics of the evening, was also examined from 2 different perspectives.


The presentation started with the young wine maker and food technologist Eva Heinz who explained how wine is produced from the vine to the final bottled product.


Her “wine tandem partner”, Prof. Kristian Rett, head physician of the Department of Endocrinology and Diabetology at the hospital Sachsenhausen in Frankfurt and member of the DWA’s Scientific Committee, described in a very interesting way the health aspects of moderate wine consumption and responsible drinking patterns, with a special focus on diabetes. He explained that already 100 years ago, the famous diabetologist Carl von Noorden recommended his patients a glass of wine with the meal to control their glucose level. Prof. Rett also took the opportunity of this presentation to emphasize the risks associated with the misuse of alcoholic beverages and referred to the principles of the WIM programme.


The auditorium welcomed more than 100 students and teachers and the numerous questions asked during the Q&A proved a high interest in this topic by the students.


Most of the attendees also welcomed the opportunity to taste a glass of wine during the lecture in order to better understand the product discussed and considered this “tandem experiment” very successful.

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