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20 April 2015 - 01 January 1970
Organizer: Unione Italiana Vini - UIV


With the launch of several projects, Unione Italiana Vini (UIV) has been scaling up action and is taking up the cultural challenge of wine.

Following the launch of its “wine and health” working committee, Unione Italiana Vini has proven very active in organising activities to further encourage responsible consumption. Domenico Zonin – President of Unione Italiana Vini – reiterated UIV’s ongoing commitment to promote the best models of moderate and responsible wine consumption, to spread the culture of wine as a lifestyle centered on love for the taste, diversity and quality, perfectly in line with the objectives of the European Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) programme.

The round table “L’alcool: tra ragione e sentimento” that was organized early March in the Italian Ministry of Agriculture "aimed - explains Sandro Sartor, group coordinator and facilitator of the project - to show how one can, finally, manage to speak objectively, peacefully and constructively about relations between proper education about nutrition, and a moderate and responsible consumption of wine and other alcoholic beverages."

The round table was welcomed by the Italian Authorities; the vice-minister of Agriculture and several Senators who applauded the initiative, expressed their strong support. The event which was a great success punctuated by many interventions was also the occasion to present UIV’s new responsible logo: “Bevi responsabilmente” which will be used for all future events related to responsible consumption.

UIV actions where further pursued with In Vino Virtus, a campaign launched in collaboration with Verona’s State Police as a joint action to support behavior change in drink and driving and reduce alcohol related traffic accidents. The Campaign was announced during Vinitaly and was largely saluted by the authorities.

All activities were well reported by the sectorial and general press reaching out to a large number of stakeholders and spreading the message of moderate and responsible consumption.

Wine has indeed been part of Italian culture for thousands of years and it is probably the most noble and ancient tradition tied to the Italian land – an unparalleled historical and social heritage which should continue to be considered and appreciated as such.

This is why UIV is scaling up actions on responsible consumption: a rediscovery of taste and of Europe’s unique traditions, that incites moderation and responsibility.

Wine, a taste for moderation.

Unione Italiana Vini scales up action - some picture of their latest actvities

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