The conscious enjoyment of wine: key for young winemakers in Hungary

07 March 2019 - 01 January 1970


The biennial Pannónia Gold Ring Competition recognises young and promising Hungarian winemakers.

The winemakers are invited to present their wines as well as a short film summarising their activities and highlighting how they perceive the conscious enjoyment of wine. For this edition, winemakers were indeed asked to reflect on the concept of Wine in Moderation and express through their video how they believe attitude change can be achieved and what it will mean for the profession in the years to come.

Seven young winemakers submitted their candidacy for this year’s competition*. After carefully reviewing the short films and evaluating their wines during the blind tasting, the committee awarded the Pannónia Gold Ring Competition to Zsolt TIFFÁN Jr., a young winemaker from Villány, who won the grand prize: a 14-carat golden ring and a cup. Barna BARABÁS from the Zelna winery and Palkó RÓKUSFALVY came respectively second and third.

In his video Zsolt Tiffán Jr. highlighted the importance of a moderate and respectful consumption of wine, focusing on the high added value and culture that wine represents.

In addition to the professional recognition received through the “Pannonia Golden Ring and Cup”, the Pannónia Wine Sisterhood will also support the winner with additional tailor-made benefits, including media coverage and a range of valuable gifts that can be used in his day-to-day work.

The “Pannonia Golden Ring and Cup” which took place in Budapest last 7 March, was organised for the first time in 2011.

The Pannónia Wine Sisterhood joined the Wine in Moderation Programme in Hungary in 2016 and has since then strongly promoted the moderate consumption of wine.


The 7 young winemakers are:

Barna BARABÁS – Zelna Winery, Balatonfüred

László BUTELLA – Tokajicum Winery, Tokaj

Attila KISS - Gyöngyöstarján

Dániel KISS-GADÓ – Martin Pasler Winery, Austria

Palkó RÓKUSFALVY - Etyek

Bence ROMSICS - Cserszegtomaj

Zsolt TIFFÁN Jr.– Villány

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