The Cyprus Wine Competition hits gold with Wine in Moderation

13 April 2019 - 13 April 2019
Location: Cyprus


The celebration of the 12th Wine Competition Award Ceremony wrapped up a successful week of international judging with record participation and exceptional adoption of the Wine in Moderation message.

Celebrated under the patronage of the OIV since 2008, this years' edition was presided by OIV president, Mrs Vanderlinde. It was an occasion for the public to be introduced to the Wine in Moderation message and for sponsors to recognise the national wine sector’s commitment to social responsibility in Cyprus.

The involvement of the Ministry of Agriculture and active implication of Minister Kadis himself, reinforced the central aim behind the competition, which was summarized in the words of Mrs Vanderlinde, "Wine is a millenary and historic beverage, therefore wine competitions are very important to promote the historical and social value of this unique product as an active part of civilization. Also, crucially, an important note regarding the role of wine competitions: they shall encourage responsible consumption as well."

Evoinos joined as National Coordinator earlier in 2019.

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