Sogrape updates its manual of Good Practices and Self-Regulation on commercial communication and promotes a "Sustainability through Responsible Marketing" webinar

10 November 2020 - 10 November 2020
Organizer: Sogrape Vinhos

Country: Portugal

Sogrape recently updated its internal manual “Codes and obligations – Commitment of Good Practices in Commercial Communication, Marketing and Commerce” renewing its commitment initially introduced in 2008. Sogrape, one of the Ambassador companies of Wine in Moderation, is once again consolidating its engagement to implement good practices and self-regulation on commercial communication, marketing, and sales of wines.

In addition to the update of the manual, Sogrape will also launch a webinar "Sustainability through Responsible Marketing" to raise awareness among its employees about the importance of following its commitment. The webinar will take place on November 24, in the frame of the 8th annual WiM week – a week dedicated to the “Wine in Moderation” programme organised within the company.

Through its commitment, Sogrape aims to ensure the sustainability of the sector by raising consumers’ awareness on the importance of a moderate and responsible consumption of alcohol.

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