Sogrape Vinhos’ annual WiM week: 10 Years for a Healthy Lifestyle!

04 June 2018 - 08 June 2018
Location: Porto, Portugal
Organizer: Sogrape Vinhos

Country: Portugal

Between the 4th and the 8th of June, Sogrape Vinhos held the 6th edition of its internal event “Let’s take measure of life” week, as part of the Wine in Moderation programme, and the company’s commitment to the National Alcohol and Health Forum. This event plays an important role in raising awareness about responsible consumption of wine and alcohol and draws the staff’s attention on the importance of a healthy diet and physical activity, while providing them actual lifestyle experiences.

It has been recognised that an increasing number of people worldwide is gaining consciousness about their health, physical exercise and diet, making them a part of their daily lives. However, one of the most ignored subject in this area is poor workplace posture. It appeared that 90% of Sogrape’s employees are affected by poor posture; encouraging the company to make it a central topic of this year’s edition.

A personal trainer was invited to correct bad positions and give tips to improve the employees’ daily postures. About 800 co-workers welcomed the experience which will thus be repeated in the future, in order to measure developments and improvements in their physical postures.

As with previous years, the Wine in Moderation week also included a range of healthy menus and deserts, with a specific focus on vegetarian and vegan meals. To complement light meals like linguine with tofu, tomato and mushrooms or fish with chickpeas puree, employees tasted five different recipes of wine-based cocktails, such as WIM Artist Royal with Mateus Rosé Sparkling or the WIM Splash with Sandeman White Port.

For the sixth consecutive year, employees thus experienced a week filled with activities which highlighted the need for moderation in the consumption of alcohol, diet and exercise. A great number of informative posters, roll-up and outdoor advertising were exhibited in the facilities, placemats with relevant information decorated the canteen trays and 800 Wine in Moderation leaflets were distributed to the whole staff.

At the end of the week, all employees received an information brochure and a flyer, along with a Wine in Moderation corkscrew as a souvenir. These brochures contained relevant information on alcohol consumption, hints for exercise, and healthy recipes, while also revealing tips for a good posture.

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