Simple pleasures of life

03 March 2017 - 01 January 1970


At a time when the Danish “hygge” calls for a “well-being” and that the Japanese Wabi-Sabi promotes appreciating the beauty in the “naturally imperfect world”, the question everyone asks is: when did we start needing reminders to enjoy the simple pleasures of life?

Presenting themselves as an alternative to today’s fast-paced world, the Danish “hygge” represents a well-being that encompasses an entire way of living promising warmth, safety and, most importantly, community; because you should always enjoy the good moments of life surrounded by friends and family. In parallel, the Japanese Wabi-Sabi advocates appreciating the beauty of the essence taking comfort in all the beautiful things that surround us.

These philosophies remind us about the importance of living at the present moment and appreciating the simple things in life, with the company of others; and they can be credited to anything from interior design to food and wine.

Imagine yourself, a cosy winter evening having dinner with some friends around a nice bottle of wine, wouldn’t that qualify as the perfect “hygge” moment? Of course, it would not be as “hyggeligt” if it were ruined by drunkenness or an extreme behaviour because as we know, these philosophies are all about moderation as is the consumption of wine…

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