Repas Divin (Divine Meal)

01 April 2012 - 30 September 2012
Location: France
Organizer: Vin et Société

Country: France

Repas divin” (Divine Meal) is a “new gastronomic series produced by Vin & Société and proposed and broadcasted by national and regional TV Channels and on-line media (web TV and websites).

By concocting delicious dishes, learning about wine pairings and discovering unexpected sites in the French wine regions, and providing tips for responsible consumption of wine, this gastronomic series successfully created a cultural environment where French Gastronomy and the cultural dimension of wine were successfully paired to inform and educate consumers in moderate and responsible drinking in a positive and friendly manner.

More than 160 media - 77 Television channels (4 national & 73 regional TV channels), 26 web TV channels (4 specialised & 22 generalist Web TV channels), 59 websites (8 women's, 2 national press & 20 regional press, 16 websites and food blogs, 5 websites and blogs of oenology, 6 regional information websites - broadcast the series during 2012 and more than 2000 hours were dedicated to Repas Divin on TV.

Various opinion leader and well-known expert/personalities were involved in this project: Dominique Hutin: Famous journalist on National Radio and Atelier des chefs: famous cooking classes provider in France.

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