“Porto.Come” – a fine balance between wine and food

21 November 2015 - 22 November 2015
Location: Porto, Portugal
Organizer: Associação das Empresas de Vinho do Porto - AEVP

Country: Portugal

The Association of Port Wine Companies (AEVP) attended the 7th Edition of “Porto.Come” – an event dedicated to wine and gastronomy. With 2 Wine in Moderation stands at the event, one at the entrance with information about the Wine in Moderation Programme (brochures, leaflets, etc.) and another one at the exit with alcohol breathalysers, AEVP joins this event for the very first time with the aim to encourage a moderate and responsible consumption of wine and to remind consumers that there is always a fine balance between wine and food.

Isabel Marrana, Executive Director of AEVP, was also present to address a message to the consumers present (video).

This wine and gastronomy event is organised every year in Porto and welcomed around 3000 visitors in 2015.

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