Pernod Ricard’s Responsib’All Day is at its fourth edition

22 May 2014 - 22 May 2014
Location: Worldwide
Organizer: Pernod Ricard Wine Affiliate Companies

Country: France

The fourth annual Responsib’All Day action of Pernod Ricard took place on May 22nd and coincided with the launch of Pernod Ricard’s new mobile app “Wise Drinking”. Responsib’All Day, which aims at combatting inappropriate and harmful drinking, is a day of action organised simultaneously in over 80 countries and involving the Group’s 19.000 employees who devote their day to sharing knowledge and experience on responsible consumption making them the leading ambassadors of the Group’s commitment.

Responsib’All Day is a day where Pernod Ricard stops all its activities worldwide and where a vast number of local initiatives and events allowing employees to talk directly to the consumer, the distributor, etc. about Pernod Ricard’s five commitments, thus:

  1. To reduce underage drinking,
  2. To reduce drinking and driving,
  3. To strengthen and expand marketing codes of practice,
  4. To provide consumer information and develop responsible product innovations,
  5. To enlist the support of retailers to reduce harmful drinking.

Paris - One example of a local activity

More than 400 people from the Holding company, Pernod Ricard Europe and Middle East Africa, Pernod Ricard’s Research Centre and Havana Club International gathered in the Cité Universitaire de Paris for the 2014 edition of Responsib’All day in Paris, France. A plenary session on the topic of “Alcohol and my Health” was organised to discuss the Group’s latest initiatives in this regard: launch of a new mobile app, launch of a new e-learning training mandatory for all marketing departments and advertising companies, etc.

This was also an occasion to remind what the Group and especially the Wine Affiliates all over the world are doing with the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) programme.

The plenary session was followed by a scientific debate bringing together a medical doctor and a psychiatrist to reflect on latest scientific facts on alcohol and health.

The Responsib’All Day ended in the streets of Paris where employees were divided into several smaller groups and went out to spread the message of responsibility.

  1. Some groups went out to meet bartenders to promote the new “Wise Drinking” app
  2. Other groups positioned themselves on major routes to meet with consumers directly and talk with them about responsible consumption

As Pierre Pringuet, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Chief Executive Officer of the Group, said, “Responsible drinking has always been at the heart of our policy of Social Responsibility and we remain highly committed, as shown once again by the mobilisation of our 19,000 employees throughout the world on the occasion of this fourth Responsib’All Day. It is by directly engaging with every consumer and every distributor that we have the chance to change behaviour in the long-term. It is a lengthy process that all those involved in the industry must pursue tirelessly.”

If you are curious to know more about other activities that were organised that day, visit our WIM Ambassador Company’s website.

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