One minute to discover a wine region

27 March 2017 - 18 June 2017
Location: France
Organizer: Vin et Société

Country: France

With the aim of highlighting oenotourism and the diversity of its wine regions, the French wine sector has developed a set of short TV programmes called “1 Minute, 1 Vineyard” * that will be broadcasted on the two main public service channels from 27 March to 18 of June.

Entirely focused on the heritage of the French wine culture, highlighting the link between the wine culture with the sustainability of wine regions. These short programmes present the wine-growing regions of Bordeaux, Burgundy, Champagne, Languedoc, Provence and Côtes du Rhône; offering the spectator a wine tour that will lead to the discovery of the terroirs and that will present a landscape, a history, a place or a specific know-how.

The goal of these eighteen 1-minute programmes is to inform the general public of the diversity and richness of the French wine heritage: traditional know-how in Bordeaux; Burgundy climate; History and geography in Champagne; Terroirs of Languedoc; Routes of the wines of Provence; Heritage and culture in the Côtes du Rhône; History of Paris.

"This unprecedented program aims to tell the viewers a bit of the history of the French wine heritage and to give them the desire to discover the vineyards as 10 million tourists have already done in 2016" commented Joël Forgeau, President of Vin & Société that is sponsoring this activity.

The various episodes can be reviewed on the replay of France Televisions (only for French viewers), it will however be accessible on the sites of the participating inter-professions as from the 19th of June.

* directly translated from the French: “1 Minute, 1 Vignoble”

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