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25 April 2013 - 01 January 1970
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The Wine Information Council ("WIC") is one of the three pillars of the WIM programme. WIC acts as the focal point of credible scientists and research centres on health, social and cultural aspects of wine drinking, committed to promote moderation and responsibility in the consumption of wines.

The Wine Information Council (WIC) was established in response to the need for broader dissemination of research on the health-related, social and cultural aspects of wine drinking in Europe. To fulfil this objective the WIC maintains a web portal with an on-line comprehensive database, to communicate objective and unbiased science-based information and initiates and organises scientific events. Taking into account the growing needs of the WIM programme and the demand to optimise tools, WIM aisbl with the support of the WIC scientific advisory group, has undertaken in 2012 an exercise to refresh and update the WIC Communication tools.

The restructuring of the WIC website aimed to support the development and the communication of WIC activities and to increase their impact among professional and larger audiences.

The new http://www.wineinformationcouncil.eu website was delivered in the beginning of 2013 and today all WIC stakeholders can use the WIC website as a focal point to search for science based information and to exchange knowledge and remain up-to-date with the latest scientific news in the area of wine, health and social issues.

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