“L’apéritif de la fête » – a responsible celebration for FFVA

01 January 1970 - 01 January 1970


As every year since they joined the Wine in Moderation programme in 2015, the French Federation for Aperitif Wines (FFVA) will be spreading the Wine in Moderation message of responsibility through its annual activities, among which the “L’Apéritif de la fête”.

The event which will take place mid-September is organised in the frame of the National Celebration of Gastronomy - Taste of France. Culinary students of a local professional high school, and passionate craftsmen (shellfish farmers, cellar master, chefs, chocolatiers, caterers), will create tasty harmonies that will perfectly accompany the regional aperitif wines putting forward the best way to enjoy the best wine has to offer and by appreciating its unique qualities in a perfect experience: understanding the wine, appreciating it slowly, together with food and a glass of water and in good company. All these factors will be reunited during this event, making it a perfect example of how to enjoy wine in moderation.

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