Independent winegrowers act for a sustainable wine culture

13 May 2017 - 14 May 2017
Location: Rome
Organizer: CEVI

Country: Italy

In their constant efforts to encourage a moderate and responsible consumption of wine, the European Confederation of Independent Winegrowers (CEVI) is also increasing actions through its constituencies at national level.

It is in this frame that CEVI took Wine in Moderation to the first edition of the Wine Market of Independent Winegrowers of FIVI (the Italian Federation of Independent Winegrowers) in Rome last May. 220 independent winegrowers received the Wine in Moderation Implementation Guide informing them on how to implement the programme through simple and easy actions, and encouraging them to take the programme one step further in their wineries.

Independent winegrowers are indeed often in direct contact with consumers, presenting their wines and expressing their passion for this noble product; it is only natural to share this way of life through Wine in Moderation.

By renewing their commitment in 2016, CEVI has been further contributing to the implementation and growth of the Wine in Moderation programme. An article about the programme was also published in the trimestral magazine of the French Independent Winegrowers explaining the importance of this international CSR movement and encouraging its French members to further increase action.

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