Implementation of Self-Regulation in Spain

01 January 2009 - 01 January 1970
Location: Spain
Organizer: Federación Española del Vino - FEV

Country: Spain

On January 1st 2009 the "Self-regulation Wine Code" came into force in Spain in order to follow the implementation of the European Wine Communication Standards (WCS).

The application of the code is mandatory for all FEV company members, as well as for companies and entities who wish to follow them. All companies that undersign the WCS adhere to the values and principle of the standard and bear the WIM logo and message in all of their commercial communications.

The verification and external control to guarantee the agreed measures has been entrusted to "AUTOCONTROL de la Publicidad", the national organisation in Spain in charge of
self-regulation in advertising.

Today, nearly 1.000 companies within the wine business fully apply and respect the Self-Regulation Wine Code in Spain, and the impacts of the WIM message can be counted in millions.

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