HOTREC releases annual report

15 July 2015 - 01 January 1970


HOTREC just released its 2014/2015 Annual Report dedicating an entire page to responsible and moderate consumption and its partnership with the WIM Association.

Committed to social responsibility and reducing alcohol-related harm, HOTREC became partner of the WIM Association in 2011. Since then, both associations have been thriving to motivate and facilitate Partnership at national/local level.

Two HOTREC members (FEHR in Spain and SYNHORCAT in France) have developed national partnerships with WIM members and have joined forces to encourage responsible consumption among professionals and consumers.

Through these Partnerships, HOTREC associations disseminate online programmes and manuals on responsible alcohol service and provide seminars. Communication materials on how to drink responsibly are also largely disseminated.

here for more information about the Partnership between HOTREC & WIM and click here to have a look at HOTREC’s Annual Report 2014/2015.

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