Greek wine from the ancient athenian symposium to today’s art de vivre

30 January 2017 - 30 January 2017
Location: Athens, Greece
Organizer: Greek National Inter-professional of Vine and Wine - EDOAO

Country: Greece

Moderation is embedded in the greek word for wine “krasi”. Krasi means wine mixed with water, a common practice in the ancient symposium, controlled by the sommelier, to avoid drunkenness and prolong the duration of the symposium. This and other wine cultural stories were presented at the wine expo VorOina 2017, in an event organized to communicate the Wine in Moderation and the link with the Mediterranean Diet and lifestyle.

Organized by the Wines of North Greece, VorOina is one of the most popular wine fairs in Greece, which invites wine lovers from different horizons, curious consumers, and wine professionals to discover a wide selection of indigenous and international grape varieties cultivated in the northern part of the country.

Wines of North Greece
is an active WiM Supporters and this important wine event was the perfect opportunity to present the Wine in Moderation programme to more Greek wine professionals and media. EDOAO’s Wine in Moderation stand at the wine expo gave opportunities for more interaction with the visitors and a dialogue about responsible consumption of wine and the Wine in Moderation programme.

The National Inter-Professional Organization of Wine and Vine (EDOAO) became National Coordinator of the Wine in Moderation programme in Greece in September 2016. Since then, EDOAO has been actively implementing the programme in Greece, reaching out to wine companies, wine growers, etc. to sensitize the sector over the issues related to the misuse and abuse of alcohol. Several presentations and actions have already been organized since the adherence of the association to the Wine in Moderation programme; and the Greek association is preparing an ambitious action plan for this new year through its advisory working group.

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