Friends of Glass gives life to Glass bottles

01 June 2016 - 01 January 1970


Following its successful “Taste of Europe” campaign which took place last year, Friends of Glass – FEVE confirms its commitment to Sustainability and Responsibility and launches a new campaign: “Endless Lives of Glass”.

By linking the responsibility of consumers to the appreciation of quality food and wine, and the importance of sustainability, Friends of Glass also aims at putting forward the importance of flavour and taste and the role of glass.

Wine in Moderation has partnered with FEVE-Friends of Glass since 2011 and has supported its campaigns since then with the Wine in Moderation message, further disseminating the message of responsible consumption of wine to stakeholders of the wider wine value chain.

We invite you to follow the links below for more information about the Partnership between FEVE & Wine in Moderation and the “Endless Lives of Glass” campaign.

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