First Wine in Moderation actions in Colombia

01 November 2018 - 05 November 2018
Location: Medellin, Colombia
Organizer: ASOVINOS

Country: Colombia

ASOVINOS introduced Wine in Moderation at this year’s “Maridaje” festival, one of the greatest gastronomic festivals in Colombia.

Combining food and wine, the festival is always a highly anticipated time of the year for all gastronomy lovers thanks to the wide range of flavours and the knowledge spread around wine and other beverages.

From 1st to 5 November, a selection of more than 60 gastronomic options was presented, together with a list of novelties captivating the 40 000 visitors of the fair. This year’s edition also offered a complete programme with 15 cooking and tasting classes as well as more than 20 talks and conferences including one on the moderate and responsible consumption of wine. The latter was presented by a renowned Sommelier, Luis Fernando Valencia on behalf of ASOVINOS.

The Colombian National Coordinator also displayed advertising material on all 50 tables of the Fair's wine room, spreading the message of moderate consumption: " Enjoy the best aspects of drinking without the harmful outcomes of consuming in excess".

Organised in Medellín every year, the festival took place from 1st to 5 November and is the first Wine in Moderation activity in Colombia since ASOVINOS joined the programme in summer 2018.

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