First Baltic country joins the social responsibility movement - Sommelier School of Lithuania becomes member of Wine in Moderation

01 December 2017 - 01 January 1970


Press Release – Brussels, 01 December 2017 – By joining WiM Association, the Sommelier School of Lithuania (UAB Namine peleda) becomes the National Coordinator of the Wine in Moderation programme in Lithuania, and the first in the Baltic countries.

With activities in different spheres of the wine sector in Lithuania, the Sommelier School of Lithuania will be looking to implement the Wine in Moderation programme into numerous segments of the Lithuanian wine business; and involve established and small emerging wineries, importers and distributors, retail but also wine related events and exhibitions, educational bodies and educators.

Innovative and dynamic, Sommelier School of Lithuania is indeed active in public and social initiatives and strongly believes in the added value of Wine in Moderation to inform and educate consumers and professionals about the moderate and responsible consumption of wine.

“2017 was revolutionary in the approach of the Lithuanian Parliament and Government towards alcohol beverage industry and trade. Based on the presumption that excessive consumption is best suppressed by restrictions, important changes made to the Law of Control of Alcohol created a very restrictive environment. Recognising that excessive and irresponsible drinking are indeed a major problem, the Sommelier School of Lithuania is taking the initiative to increase social responsibility in the industry”
said Arūnas Starkus, Chairman of Sommelier School of Lithuania “we believe that education is key in changing behaviours and will work to change the culture of drinking by implementing Wine in Moderation programme and using its principles and tools to contribute to the reduction of harmful drinking and resulting social problems

Stylianos Filopoulos, director of the WiM Association, also comments “Sommelier School of Lithuania and its passionate people are leading a sustainable wine culture in Lithuania, educating both professionals and wine consumers on how to appreciate wine at its fullest, in moderation and responsibly. We are proud to welcome them on the Wine in Moderation family and we look very much forward to working together to establish the programme in Lithuania and drive change!”

The membership between Wine in Moderation and the Sommelier School of Lithuania was sealed in Brussels, on Wednesday 29 November 2017 in the company of other Wine in Moderation members.

Further information on the WiM Association and Sommelier School of Lithuania can be found below as well as on the Associations website together with the full press package:

About us

Wine in Moderation - Art de Vivre Programme

Wine in Moderation–Art de Vivre Programme is a programme created by the wine sector to inspire healthy lifestyles and well-being, and contribute to the reduction of alcohol related harm.

The Wine in Moderation programme builds on scientific evidence, education and self-regulation to organise and empower the entire international wine value chain, in raising awareness and knowledge about responsible drinking patterns and moderate wine consumption.

Wine in Moderation is a common programme centrally coordinated and implemented nationally, with the capacity to adapt into local needs respecting cultural diversity.

WiM Association

The WiM Association is the international not for profit association founded by wine sector associations and leading wine companies, that centrally coordinates the Wine in Moderation programme and expands its reach and impact throughout the world.

Sommelier School of Lithuania

Sommelier School of Lithuania (SSL) is an educational institution supplying wine, spirit courses, setting professional, social and ethical standards of sommelier, staff of wine trade and wine production companies in Lithuania since 2006. Sommelier School of Lithuania works in close cooperation with Lithuanian wine exhibition “Vyno dienos”, Lithuanian wine journal “Vyno žurnalas”, with Lithuanian Sommelier Association. It is organizer of national blind tasting competition “Nosis”, Wine and dessert best match competition “Wine+dessert”.

For more information, please contact

Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre (WIM) Aisbl

Director: Stylianos Filopoulos

Τ. +32 488 790 724

Ε. [email protected]

Sommelier School of Lithuania

Chairman: Arūnas Starkus

T. + 370 69834297

Ε. [email protected]

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