“Drink & Drive” initiative with Wine in Moderation and the state police at Bassano wine festival

08 December 2017 - 10 December 2017
Location: Bassano, Italy
Organizer: Unione Italiana Vini - UIV

Country: Italy

From 8 to 10 December, more than 140 wineries took part in the first edition of the “Bassano Wine Festival” held at the Bassano del Grappa exhibition centre, in Italy.

Among numerous exciting events, Unione Italia Vini (UIV) was invited to present Wine in Moderation, in cooperation with the State Police who explained the problems related to drink driving. With a high interest in the topic, attendants engaged in a debate discussing the maximum limit for alcohol in blood, risk groups, and penal consequences of drink-driving. And to move from words to action, the Italian Police closed the discussion by inviting attendants, many of whom were young adults, to test breathalysers, showing them how it works and how they should be used.

Education and prevention are the most efficient ways to tackle health damages related to alcohol abuse. Paolo Castelletti, Secretary General of UIV, commented: “This initiative regarding moderate and responsible alcohol consumption in cooperation with Bassano del Grappa State Police is linked to the “In vino virtus” prevention and awareness campaign that has already been organized for three consecutive years in Verona during “Vinitaly. It has proved to be particularly effective to optimise the results of the prevention campaign”.

UIV is therefore considering the possibility of extending this initiative throughout the country in cooperation with the State Police.

Bassano Wine Festival

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