“Bere meglio” – a training aimed at the Italian HORECA sector

01 December 2015 - 31 May 2016
Location: Padova, Italy
Organizer: FEDERVINI

Country: Italy

With education at the centre of the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Programme, it is becoming an ever-growing priority for the wine sector to improve knowledge, and competences of wine professionals, to help them and their customers make well-informed, responsible choices compatible with a healthy lifestyle, and reducing the misuse and abuse of alcohol.

When it comes to alcohol and responsible consumption, the ultimate challenge for restaurateurs and bartenders, is to become the first promoters of a culture of quality, responsibility and moderation towards its customers. Recognise the hospitality as part of the wider wine value chain, the National WIM Programme Coordinators have established partnerships with the hospitality sector in a number of countries.

With #Beremeglio, Federvini and Fipe – Italian Federation of Public Establishments, have decided to launch a joint project to encourage responsible consumption and quality of public exercises, starting with a pilot project in the northern region of Veneto for a period of six months.

600 operators will participate to 20 courses, which will be divided into different parts, covering in-depth knowledge of alcoholic beverages offered to customers, their characteristics, as well as all the rules of reference. Awareness of the effects of alcohol and the various stages of intoxication together with the management of “risky situations” will also be discussed for bartenders & restaurateurs to immediately understand the conditions of a customer who could potentially be problematic and the most adapted behaviour to face these situations. Last but not least, “tips and hints” on how to accompany customers at the end of the evening, near closing time, will be revealed to avoid possible mishaps.

Sandro Boscaini, President Federvini says indeed: “We must not, forget the importance of a culture of responsibility - with particular reference to young people, one of the most sensitive categories of alcoholic beverages for consumption outside the home. And it is against this background that the project #Beremeglio was born, to support managers of bars, clubs and restaurants in dealing properly with these types of customers, focusing on a qualitative offer. Drinking better means focusing on quality rather than quantity of drinking - says Federvini’s president - and learn the art of conviviality and the Mediterranean lifestyle."[1]

The pilot project, which will last six months starting December 2015 represents a substantial novelty in training of the Italian HORECA sector. The aim of Fipe and Federvini is to expand the project #Beremeglio nationwide at the end of the pilot project, with the support of the main national institutions.

[1] (Translated by author)“Non dobbiamo, comunque, dimenticare l’importanza di una cultura di responsabilità - continua Boscaini - con particolare riferimento ai giovani, una delle categorie più sensibili al consumo delle bevande alcoliche fuori casa. Ed è proprio con queste premesse che nasce il progetto #Beremeglio per supportare i gestori di bar, locali e ristoranti nel rapportarsi in modo corretto nei confronti di queste tipologie di clienti, puntando su un’offerta di qualità. Bere meglio infatti significa puntare sulla qualità - conclude il presidente Federvini - piuttosto che sulla quantità del bere ed apprendere l’arte della convivialità e dello stile mediterraneo”

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