Angela Merkel receives football shirt with Wine in Moderation logo

20 June 2017 - 01 January 1970


During a recent “meet & greet” with chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel, WEINELF president Robert Lönarz and Wine in Moderation advocate Dr. Rowald Hepp had the honour of offering one of their football jerseys with the Wine in Moderation logo to the chancellor who happily accepted it.

“WEINELF”, the German national football team of winemakers has gathered wine producers from all over Germany since 2005; combining their passion for wine, football and healthy lifestyles.

Through charity games and other events in Germany and outside, the team encourages the exchange of information and best practices among colleagues to preserve the cultural heritage of wine, for example how to deal with wine in a sensible manner.

These wine and football enthusiasts therefore recently decided to join the Wine in Moderation programme with the aim of sharing and spreading their love of wine but most and foremost supporting a moderate and responsible consumption of wine.

Their first action as WiM Supporter was to include the Wine in Moderation logo on the sleeves of their football jerseys showing their strong support to the programme but also their belief that wine can be part of a healthy lifestyle when it is enjoyed in moderation.

The chancellor is familiar with Wine in Moderation and strongly supports the German wine sector.

Merkel receives football jersey

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