Wine tourism

The popularity of Oenotourism continues to grow and experts believe that the wine tourism movement is operating at only 20% of its potential and could easily double in the near future.

Among the factors helping the movement to expand are 'wine roads', specialised itineraries through wine-producing regions, as well as annual events like Open Cellars in the spring, which draws millions tourists to vineyards.

Aside from offering an opportunity to see where and how wine is made and discover the difference of tasting it at its source, oenotourism offers visitors a chance to learn about traditions and culture linked to winemaking and country life.

Although wine is the chief focus, oenotourism also offers tourists a chance to discover rural areas and their nature, sample other farm products, like olive oil, and feast on an array of regional foods and cuisine, creating bridges of urban spaces with rural areas.

In fact wine and culinary experiences are a driver of destination choice for an increasing number of leisure travellers.

12/11/2018 |
The United Nations World Tourism Organisation welcomes Wine in Moderation
UNWTO Affiliate Member Press Release – Brussels, November 12th, 2018 – WiM Association joins the United Nations World Tourism Organisation Affiliate membership programme and confirms strong engagement in the sustainable development of wine tourism.
07/09/2018 |
UNWTO Hails Wine Tourism as an approach to Sustainable Rural Development
UNWTO UNWTO called for wine tourism to be made part of national tourism and rural development policies at the 3rd UNWTO Wine Tourism Conference in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova (6-7 September 2018). The two days of discussions engaged experts from 30 countries and addressed UNWTO’s priority of enhancing tourism’s socioeconomic benefits, looking at specific segments like wine tourism. Wine in Moderation was also present to add the topic of responsible drinking in the sustainable development of wine businesses.
08/11/2015 | Culture
European Day of Wine Tourism
Logo of the Day of Wine Tourism

The 7th edition of the European Day of Wine Tourism will take place next 8 November and for the second consecutive year, wine territories on both sides of the Atlantic will celebrate this day. With the aim to make wine culture more accessible to the citizens and highlight the quality of wine, the Day of Wine Tourism is a day that invites wine and tourism lovers to enjoy the activities organised by cities and wine routes in Europe and North America.

01/07/2014 | Culture
Wine Routes in Argentina
Wine tourism in Argentina

Argentina has enormous possibilities for wine tourism, and each route gives the visitor the chance to have unrivaled and unforgettable experiences.

All along the wine routes, tourists can enjoy different sensations which go beyond the limits of their imagination. Exquisite flavours, colours, textures and views await them along with the secrets and spirit of each terroir.

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