Who We Are

We are a unique coalition of responsible wine organisations joined by universities, authorities and wine consumers from around the world, to promote well-being and balanced lifestyles and safeguard the heritage of wine.

Wine in Moderation is an international and credible reference of wine sector social responsibility, developing a wealth of actions and campaigns to inspire the conscious enjoyment of wine.

Our structure
  • The international coordination is provided by a not-for-profit international association, the WiM Association.

  • In each country, there are one or more WiM national coordinators that support the planning, coordination, implementation and accountability of the programme in their respective countries.
  • WiM supporters join the programme at national level. They actively support a wine culture that inspires well-being and healthy lifestyles and contributes in the prevention and reduction of alcohol related harm.
  • Leading wine companies further support the efforts made at international and national level setting the example with their leadership in social responsibility and high contributions. These leading companies are the Wine in Moderation Ambassadors.

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The Social Responsibility Movement of the Wine Sector


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  • WIM Activities

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