Values of Wine in Moderation


We respect and celebrate diversity. We tailor our actions to respect and address cultural identities and needs.

We are friendly and open. We build partnerships with all relevant stakeholders to reach common goals.

Moderation & Responsibility

We embrace moderation and responsibility in all our actions.


We are led by scientific evidence and we are accountable for our actions, seeking continuous improvement.

We are passionate and committed to making a difference.

Values of Wine in Moderation
Principles of Wine in Moderation
  • While the vast majority of consumers enjoy wine in moderation, a minoritymisuse alcoholic beverages in ways that can be damaging to themselves and that can harm others around them;

  • Responsible and moderate consumption patterns of wine can be compatible with a healthy lifestyle;

  • Wine is integral to many lifestyles and cultures across the world;

  • Wine drinking patterns depend greatly upon local traditions, education, gender, age group and socio-economic factors; efforts to promote moderation should be tailored to the needs of each population;

  • Efforts to promote moderation should be based on sound research, social and cultural aspects;

  • The wine value chain brings an invaluable social, cultural, agricultural, environmental and economic contribution to regions and countries;

  • All representatives of the wine sector – in every region and at every step of thevalue chain – have a role to play in finding the best ways to communicate about the value of moderation and to contribute to the reduction of harm from abusive and hazardous drinking.

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