Missions of Wine in Moderation
Organise action - Wine in Moderation

The Social Responsibility Movement

Provide a common approach to foster wine sector contribution in the fight against alcohol related harm.

Empower professionals - Wine in Moderation

Empower wine professionals and promote responsible business practices.

Vocational Education

Train professionals to improve knowledge and competences on wine, health and social aspects.

Responsible Commercial Communication

Promote and implement self-regulation practices to ensure responsibility in the commercial communication of wine.

Scientific Documentation

Make available relevant and robust evidence-based scientific information, to secure credibility, enhance actions and facilitate dialogue on wine, health and social aspects.

Encourage moderation and responsibility - Wine in Moderation

Raise awareness and knowledge on drinking patterns compatible with a healthy lifestyle and inspire well-being.

Art de Vivre Campaigns
Inspired by the culinary and cultural heritage of wine, promote moderation and responsibility in wine drinking as a cultural and social norm.

Consumer Information
Make available evidence-based information, to help consumers make responsible choices compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

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Vocational education

It is vital to inform, educate and raise awareness on harmful alcohol consumption in order to develop and increase knowledge about appropriate consumption patterns in our societies.

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Responsible Commercial Communication

Advertising and commercial communication can be an important tool for producers and companies in helping improve market share, secure customer loyalty and provide the public with product information. At the same time, producers and companies must carry out commercial communications with consideration for the legitimate economic interests of consumers and their right to information and freedom of choice.

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Information Campaigns

By assuming leadership in urging moderation and responsibility in wine consumption, the wine sector helps prevent alcohol abuse and misuse by enabling young people and adults to make responsible and informed decisions to support a sustainable lifestyle.

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