Encourage Moderation And Responsibility

Raise awareness and knowledge on drinking patterns compatible with a healthy lifestyle and inspire well-being.

Art de Vivre Campaigns

Inspired by the culinary and cultural heritage of wine to promote moderation and responsibility in wine drinking as a cultural and social norm.

Consumer information

Make available evidence-based information to help consumers make responsible choices compatible with a healthy lifestyle.

By assuming leadership in urging moderation and responsibility in wine consumption, the wine sector inspired by the wine culture, helps prevent alcohol abuse and misuse by enabling wine consumers make responsible and informed decisions to support a sustainable and healthy lifestyle.

The main objective of the Wine in Moderation programme is to bring together the entire wine sector around one common message that speaks to all wine consumers across borders, generations and gender regardless of where and when they consume wine.

This message is simple yet powerful and is supported by the whole wine sector:

"Wine, only appreciated in moderation"

Key elements of the moderation common message are passed through information campaigns, "Art de Vivre" (life-skills) education, targeted communication materials, etc.

The goal is to inform consumers and encourage cultural change, making moderation fashionable, by:

  • educating consumers who appreciate wine, to do so moderately and responsibly, as part of a healthy lifestyle;

  • giving balanced information and familiarising consumers with the risks of abuse and misuse of alcoholic beverages and the benefits of moderate consumption of wine to allow them to make informed and responsible decisions.

The national campaigns are planned and developed by the Wine in Moderation national coordinators in collaboration with other national stakeholders and are inspired by the local needs and culture as well as respect for the existing legislation. They are adapted according to specific events, and can be developed in different forms (broad, tailor made, online/offline, TV, etc.).

The last couple of years has seen the emergence of many tailor-made campaigns at national level developed in the framework of the Wine in Moderation programme. If you are curious to discover or re-discover these campaigns, take a look at them in our related articles or here.

29/11/2016 | Moderation
Wim encourages moderation on the radio
KVNW radio Dutch local radios show interest in the responsible drinking message.
08/10/2015 |
Wim over wijn - a multichannel campaign to encourage moderation and responsibility
Canva of images from the launch of the Wim over wijn campaign

The Hague, 8 October 2015 – In the frame of their recent membership to the Wine in Moderation -Art de Vivre (WIM) Association, the KVNW (the Dutch association of wine merchants) launched their first multi-channel campaign: “Wim over Wijn”.

18/11/2013 |
Ambassadors of the campaign

The 2nd phase of the broad & successful campaign in Spain was presented on November 18th 2013 in Barcelona with the participation of prestigious ambassadors and senior representatives.

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