Associated Partners

Partnerships are key for the programme

Wine in Moderation is looking to build partnerships with all relevant stakeholders to reach common goals.

Key actors of the international wine value chain and representative international bodies of various stakeholders can become Associated Partner and establish a Memorandum of Understanding with the WiM Association that sets the values, principles and the framework of action.

The Wine in Moderation Associated Partners:

  • Promote cooperation and action of their consistuencies with the WiM Coordinators, and
  • Support the programme with tangible action.

Wine in Moderation has a number of Associated Partners, representing the wider wine value chain (hospitality, wine regions, wine professionals, related sectors, institutes, wine consumers, etc.) that support the development of the programme and the dissemination of the message across different wine value chains and at international level.

Initial partnerships have spawned larger networks, leading to more partnerships at local and national level and multiplying commitments for activities towards education and prevention of irresponsible communication, sales and drinking.

Your association is somehow linked to the wine value chain; you would like to join and become partner of the CSR movement of Wine in Moderation; get involved with Wine in Moderation, send us more information about your role in the wine value chain and your interest to join the movement.

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