Wine and the wine producers have always been strongly linked to local societies both in rural and urban areas. Nonetheless, due to these strong links and the everyday interaction of the wine producers with their societies, in combination to the large extensive segmentation and the variety of structures and actors, the wine sector as a whole could not easily measure, present and evaluate in tangible and systematic way all the myriads of activities that greatly support the sustainability of our societies.

The European Alcohol and Health Forum has undertaken the monitoring of the voluntary commitments at the heart of its philosophy. Defining objectives, reviewing progress along the way and evaluating the effectiveness of actions are essential to building trust among stakeholders and to encouraging meaningful and accountable actions. By joining the Forum, each member agrees to regularly monitor, evaluate and report performance and achievements.

The Wine Sector has seized the opportunity and with the submission of the Wine in Moderation-Art de Vivre Commitment addressed the challenge of presenting in a tangible and measurable way its contribution to
securing responsible and moderate drinking patterns and reducing misuse and abuse of alcohol and related harm.

WIM Commitment-Programme has set a concrete set of Key Performance Indicators measuring both action and results. Today, with the expansion of WIM, beyond the EU geographical borders and the European Institutes this monitoring and evaluation requirement of the EAHF, is further enhanced and required from all WIM Members no matter if they are coming from EU member states or other countries.

The performance of the WIM commitment is based on Key Performance Indicators to measure the investment (input) and results (output) and are measured with the support of all national contact points. In addition, with the support of external independent companies (3rd Bodies) the impact and the outcomes of WIM activities is being measured and evaluated.

For more information please read the Wine in Moderation Reports:

05/12/2014 |
Wine in Moderation Commitment Final Report receives highest possible score - 100 per cent - from EAHF external evaluators
European Alcohol and Health Forum

The Wine in Moderation Commitment 2011-2013 submitted in 2014 reached excellence by receiving the highest possible score of 100%.

24/03/2014 |
The Wine in Moderation – Art de Vivre Programme scores an outstanding 93/100 for its reporting to the EAHF
European Alcohol and Health Forum

The 2013 intermediate report for the WIM commitment received the outstanding score of 93% in the 2013 assessment of EAHF monitoring activities, scoring way above the EAHF’s commitment average.

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