Wine trade proud to show its social sustainability commitment at ProWein

Wine in Moderation at ProWein

ProWein closed its doors on Tuesday after three intense days, welcoming over 55,000 visitors and 6,500 exhibitors. Wine in Moderation also joined the fair sharing information and creating value.

Wine in Moderation leaflets, brochures, postcards and stickers were disseminated throughout the different national pavilions by wine companies and National Wine Promotion bodies, endorsing the message and the vision of the programme for a sustainable wine culture that inspires healthy lifestyles and well-being.

Wine in Moderation is gaining traction with the wine trade and the endorsement of Wine in Moderation by many national wine bodies and wineries shows the commitment of the wine sector to social sustainability and more specifically their determination to inform and educate consumers and professionals on how to fully appreciate wine and sustain a healthy lifestyle and well-being

In parallel to the dissemination of material, two events were also planned to present the Wine in Moderation programme. In the occasion of its seminar “The Sustainability in the Wine Sector”, Vinos de Chile presented the results, changes and challenges of its sustainability code and revealed Wine in Moderation’s role in the social pillar of sustainability.

Largely recognised by retailers, monopoles, and industry, the sustainability code of Vinos de Chile presents a structured approach where Wine in Moderation complements and supports the efforts pursued for the environment, a sustainable economy, and good working conditions.

Social Sustainability was also at the centre of the seminar organised by the WiM Association, which took place at 9am on Tuesday 21/03/17 with the support of ACIBEV and Wines of Portugal. Albeit the early start, the topic of “Social Sustainability” ** attracted an important number of participants who showed interest in the topic and actively participated in the discussion that followed.

Several points were raised by the speakers who presented different ways in which wineries and national wine associations can take actions to encourage a moderate and responsible consumption of wine while sustaining their economic viability. And while the speakers argued that activities should be tailored and adapted to the local populations, they all agreed on the fact that Wine in Moderation provided an excellent platform to foster these activities.

With over 6,500 exhibitors from more than 60 nations and a total of 58,500 trade visitors from 130 countries, ProWein is considered one of the largest meetings for professionals from viticulture, production, trade and gastronomy; and was therefore also an excellent opportunity to engage with the national promotion bodies where Wine in Moderation is active; and exchange thoughts with key actors of the wine sector.

* Moderator: Elena Carretero – Corporate Affairs and Sustainability Director at Santa Rita Estates


  • Patricio Parra, General Director of I+D Wines of Chile;
  • Yerko Moreno from the University of Talca;
  • Stylianos Filopoulos, Director of the WiM Association;
  • Sara Norell, Purchasing Director of Systembolaget.

** Moderator: Felicity Carter – Editor in Chief at Meiningers’


  • Jorge Monteiro – President of ViniPortugal;
  • Pau Roca – General Secretary of the Spanish Wine Federation;
  • Sandro Sartor – General Manager of Ruffino;
  • Stylianos Filopoulos – Director of the WiM Association.

Wine in Moderation at ProWein

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